Saturday, April 28, 2007

paint, paper, glue, and the camera

it has been a sea of paper, paint, matte medium, pens and a wide variety of ephemera in my studio lately. i haven't been taking studio photos for awhile, so this weekend i decided i needed to catch up on the collage a day pile. i'm nearly done uploading them to my new(ish) flickr file. as of this moment there are nearly 500 photos there. i get a little bored with the uploading and descriptions, so there *still* are more collages to enter'll happen, stay tuned.

still so loving these white pens. this page is in progress.

took *a*lot*of*photos* to get this action shot.

note to self...never let our children play in the stinky-pesticide-full-run-off-water from the golf course. beautiful to look at, couldn't stand there long for the wicked smell.

testing the "sports" (motion) feature of the new camera. i was hanging on tight (note the multi-wrapped around my hand cord) and waiting for the best moment to take the photo. c (who was driving of course, because you should never take a photo while driving) glanced over, saw this in the screen of the camera and said, that's a great, i took the shot. it is cool i think.

and a fibre shot. i'm trying to write up the pattern for the granny square cozy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Playing with flickr

I've been uploading photos and taking photos (need to crop and post new ones soon). Struggling with the blog format and why the right hand column is now on the bottom of the blog instead of *on*the*right*hand. anyone? more frustration, leading me to think about the switch to typepad or wordpress...

Been gluing and painting and collaging in my journal and on the daily collage - some of the mentioned photos that need editing. Made a new necklace (and matching earrings, because for those of you who know Cordelia, she is *all* about the matching earrings) for Cordelia's belated birthday party, I liked it a lot, need to make a line of those. Didn't take photos...perhaps she'll post them though.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

We do love a good walk along the water. It's always just a tad better when we see birds on our walks.

Driving back from Berkeley at night, in the rain, (I wasn't driving :))

playing with the camera. Night mode. but, I didn't engage the movement mode with these, next time.

I heart clouds.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

love and respect

love this:

one of the reasons i love my church community - i could see anyone of them participating in this video. (except for that very last image on the video, which i almost didn't even comment about to taint you, but, i think it was unnecessary).

so. i'll have to do a 100 things sometime (always the first thing i click on someone's blog if they have it - so read through to see what we have in common). anyone know how to post a clickable link for this on blogger? maybe it's time to move to typepad or wordpress....anyone wanna weigh in on the relative greatness of either?

lord prepare me
to be a sanctuary
pure & holy
tried & true
for you
with thanksgiving
i'll be a living
for you.

just for fun

did a little check on some of my bookmarked blogs and thought this meme (from hula seventy) would be a fun diversion for a few minutes this morning:
james brown or marvin gaye? I know I enjoy the music of both, but, hmmm, right off the bat on this meme I’m thinking – I have to expand my music horizons, and listen to more music in the studio. Mixed CDs anyone?
chinese or indian takeout? Indian, definitely. Though wish it was as easy to find as chinese.
fleece or knitted blanket? Knitted (or crochet). Handcrafted, most definitely. Though we do have a fleece blanket that c’s sister hand stitched an edging around, and we use that a lot too.
girls with makeup or without? Girls? - *none* (and don't get me started on the creepy clothing made for them these days) until possibly a little bit of mascara and lipgloss in jr. high. For *women*, I’m all for each woman expressing themselves as they choose.
costco or whole foods? Both, for different purposes.
wildflowers or arrangements? Wildflowers arranged.
tradition or shakeups? Tradition with a steady hand of shakeups – I think that is a *really* concise way to describe our lives. ;)
cello or trumpet? cello. Though I dated a trombone player in college, and there is something to be said….
watch-wearing or no? no. (and no alarm clock either)
salt water or fresh (for swimming)? I like to swim, not play in the water, so pool (not really fresh, since it’s *wicked* full of nasty chemicals).
pants or shorts? Cropped pants usually.
chatspeak or absolutely NOT? What? Is that lol, dh, etc? no.
digital camera or old-school? Digital camera. *love* them. Absolutely freeing.
wireless or plugged in? plugged in, so wanting wireless.
waltz or tango? Crazy old school dancing.
brian williams or anderson cooper? Anderson Cooper definitely, only “journalist” I saw doing anything significant during Katrina.
time or newsweek? Neither. Both completely controlled by conservative propaganda folks.
waterbed or mattress? Mattress.
cream and sugar or not? Latte. Non-fat. No sugar. No syrups. Though when I’m in PDX, a slammahamma from Coffee People daily is a *must*
CNN or BBC News? BBC, absolutely.
iTunes or something else? iTunes. Must explore.
scented candles or unscented? Unscented, soy or beeswax, petrol based are *so* nasty*.
prairie or mountain? Mountains. Especially snowcapped.
socks or barefoot? Barefoot whenever possible. Handknit socks when necessary.
matt damon or ben affleck? matt.
brass or pewter? Brass. More patina’able.
wool or cotton? Wool. It felts, it cools, it warms, it dyes really well.
willow tree or pine? both-- pine for the cross-country skiing landscape, christmas, and needles. Willow for the childhood summer memories, the misty picnic memories and the riverbed landscapes.
gerald ford or jimmy carter? jimmy. Perhaps the most honest president we have ever had. A gentle person, a scholar, a heart-felt, courageous and beautiful human being.
france or italy? Either, both places have so much more respect for architecture and tradition and community. I’d move in a heartbeat.
electric or gas stove? Gas, definitely.
thrift store or outlet? I *heart* thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales. Outlet stores make my heart race in the opposite way.
japanese garden or english garden? Japanese. The river bed, the bridges, the gates, the simple plantings.
sophia loren or liz taylor? sophia loren. timeless. sophistication. playful. graceful. classic.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

collage is back

i haven't been posting my collages lately. here's one. soon i will upload all of them to my flickr account. i have really been enjoying this exercise.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Silver Granny Square

I'm so thrilled. I had been thinking about how to do this for the longest time. It really turned out great I think. And still more about it here and here.

in all its glory.

ArtFest 10: What Haven't I Shared?

A table full of the Moore's sketchbooks. I paged through most of them.
The journal/bonfire evening. As I mentioned previously, I will definitely be going down next year *with* my *journal* and a pile of colours - paints, pens, pastels, and pencils.

needed a moment to collect myself on my last day. took some still lifes in the Encaustic Class.

spotted while waiting to get my first decent coffee in days!

need to do some fun felting projects.

various 8 x 8 walls.

ArtFest 9: Beauty all Around

love the trees. I took a lot of pictures of the trees. I've been painting a lot of trees.

I *love* this building. The schoolhouse. The steps in this school, built for little kids.

Isn't this peeling paint wonderful?

The schoolhouse at night.

view from the Show & Tell building on Saturday night.

Dorm 202 (mine) at night.

view from my breakfast spot. i *so* could live here.

so painterly. do you see the birds kissing?

closer up, but they are taking a kissing break here. aren't the trees great, one of my favorite shots.

one of my first photos, Wednesday afternoon.

Artfest 8: Teacher Postcards

This, for me, was the worst of ArtFest. I know, not the best way to start a post. Long line, and *lots* of people who completely ignored the lines and popped in and out of those waiting patiently (and not so patiently) to get to see all of the teachers and get their postcards. Very frustrating. I heard several people explaining themselves saying that Teesha and Tracy were telling them that there didn't need to be a line, but that really was the only way for the process to have worked. Sigh. If I had only known which of the cards I would like, but I still would have felt rude pushing my way in between all the folks who'd waited their turn.

A few highlights of time spent in this line: nice folks I met standing in line, trades received, patience mantra i kept going over in my head as I got frustrated, and the story of Nina Bagley's mother naming her refrigerator Celeste.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artfest 7: Other Show & Tell Goodies

I love these cats. Carla Sondheim's class. They made *a*lot* in this one day class.

From Lynn Perrella's class. This is a huge piece of paper, I believe it's cut to be folded into a book. I loved the imagery and colours here.

love the construction of this frame.

i love the words on this perrella class paper.

i have a bunch of these muffin tins that I just knew i needed to make into already framed pieces.

i didn't touch anything at Show and Tell. (we were asked not to), so I'm not sure what these covers are made of - i have a lot of foam core though, so that's what i'm going to use.

inside. o.k. it's time to use a goodly number of pages of my paper collection in creating a journal.

i found this piece to be in many ways a synthesis of ArtFest for me (i'm not the artist) - wallpaper, altered photos, trees, wood shingled building, windows, heart, words, white... i really love this piece.

jewelry pieces. I took a three day workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer two years ago and i have yet to finish one thing from that time. I'm inspired anew to finish something from the big pile of things I made in those three days. (My journal pages from those days are among my finest journal pages :))

more books. must. start. making. books. again. (I even collected bunch of hardware things from my dad's collection to make books - gotta *do*it*)

Jenna Colby's class. She shared so many cool things with her class. I love these heads!

This series reminds me to get my own four part series posted to etsy.

I have been so into this torn and cut collage stuff lately. i do like the idea of adding more ink and paint to the top of the paper stuff before, during and after gluing.