Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here it is. Perhaps the most recognized part of the Seattle skyline (Mt. Rainier & the Pike Place Market sign too?) As seen on the way home from church on Sunday.
The lovely Japanese Maples in our yard. (and the windows to my temporary studio).
The gorgeous moon we saw as we left PCC on Tuesday night. Can you see the trees framing the yellow moon?
The first set of library books. (I picked up another 6 - 3 waiting for me and 3 more that jumped out at me in the featured paperbook on flickr later).
The sets of Koigu purchased at Web-sters of Ashland on the drive up here. The colours are glorious, I'm really hoping for no pooling of colours (I'm not a fan of the lightening bolt look on my socks).

Colinette Jitterbug. I just couldn't decide between these three, so we bought them all! I just recently heard on one of the knitting podcasts that Colinette Jitterbug runs short, so I'll definitely be knitting these magic loop, toe up, two at a time, so that I can get as much length as possible. So soft and beautiful.
The papers I got in my paper/ephemera trade with Binky (Thanks Binky!) this past Saturday.

Ta for now.
Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

catching up...

Feeling a bit like we are still in the tunnel. House hunting. Job search. Changing addresses. Still trying to figure out what phone service to use to have a land line in the house. Saturday I went to a North Seattle ArtFest meeting. That was fabulous, I met 5 amazing artists (Tara, Gwen, Janet, Delores & Binky), and am thrilled to be able to meet up with them again. And what a great space that Third Place Books is! I only got a teensy bit lost on the way there (and not at all on the way back). Bought two new pairs of shoes today (job interview coming up). And three new blouses and a rockin' wrap dress. Have been to the local PCC twice, Trader Joe's once, QFC once - lunch for the movers. Have explored different parts of the Tolt Pipeline, a couple of hiking areas. We haven't made it on a ferry ride yet - maybe next weekend. We haven't made it to Ikea yet. We have looked at about 10 more houses and *really* like one. We had a leak in the laundry room ceiling (the main level bathroom is directly above the laundry room - landlord had a plumber over the next afternoon, all's better). Cable & internet installed. 7 books checked out from the library, 11 requests, 3 more waiting for pick-up. Creating my daily collages. Catching up on my podcasts. Went to University Congregational United Church of Christ - very nice people, kids co-led the service last Sunday - they were so incredible, memorizing beautiful Bible passages and telling their stories of love! Had a Dick's burger and fries after church. (I like the Kidd Valley burgers better - we went there our first night in town - they have a non-bun option). What's going on with you?

Collide. My very first wholesale account (back in 1998). What a thrill that was...laying out all of my product (on the floor in the back, it's a small -- but *amazing* store) and having the owner pick out piece after piece to buy! That feeling was so great. And then, I got this great check! We always find something to buy here when we swing through Cannon Beach - even before she bought some of my work!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

some traveling photos INPO

(in no particular order) just photos i like from the trip. more posted in my flickr account later. second day in our new home, second day at the library. monday we may have internet access at home. good thing this library is open 7 days a week (well, good thing for me, maybe not good thing for the folks who work here).

A slight detour off I-5, to see a church we longed to see and to try to find Webster's. Drove right by the church -- great art sculpture/quote on the front "Peace is not found in fear or violence" - living the good life at that church! So, Webster's, not as easy to find, finally after cruising Main Street a couple of times, still unable to find 11 Main St. we pull into a little indentation in the street to a parking space walk across the parking area to the information stand, no one there. Ask a bystander, also a tourist, turn to walk to a nearby store to ask, look up, and there two spaces from our parked car -- Webster's! Looked through all the Koigu - found two sets of skeins (oops, no picture, bad blogger). Ashland is *so* beautiful.
Two days later...found the yarn store in Cannon Beach. They have Socks that Rock. Had never seen it either, nice feel, not any colours I liked remaining, so I gave up that yarn, only to purchase three skeins of Colinette Jitterbug (again, no photo, sorry...maybe if I get requests, I'll take some). Love them all. The biggest stash I've ever had!
And more architecture of SF to be added to flickr soon too.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for our journey. We are so blessed.
Tomorrow, studio day! (and house-hunting a little)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

we made it!

view from one of the bedrooms at the front of our house.
our traveling days were amazing. i'll post photos and more later.

movers left at about 2:30 p.m.
i came to get my library card at about 4:30 p.m.
soon, i'm headed home for something warm for dinner and the curl up on the couch with my new library books!
it's been cold and rainy all day -- but i couldn't be happier!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the call of the neon fish....

Our final Half Moon Bay walk on Tuesday night. The sun was setting as we parked the car and power walked to the beach for glimpses of the sunset and ocean. Misting rain just a tiny bit. A call to our new home. Tears, but happy tears. We'll miss this beach, these walks, that fenceline, the hawks, our favorite birds and our made up names for them. Barbara's Fish Trap. The pumpkin patches. The changing horse. The winery cat. Peet's! Wouldn't you know it, just as we move a Peet's opens in Half Moon Bay. We stopped there once last week, only to find that it was just a training day. So, I didn't actually get the opportunity to have a Peet's from HMB, but I am so pleased for the rest of you to finally have the chance to have smooth coffee, espresso and glorious teas.

We're staying with a friend for a couple of nights as we catch up on rest before our days of driving and exploring. Don't know if I'll have an opportunity to share photos and stories along this journey, but I definitely will once we get settled in our new community. Blessings all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween ...and finally, some art!

This short block in our neighbourhood really goes all out at Christmas time. The trees are full of white lights, there is a whole series of holiday themed blow up cartoony things and blinking lights and movement and there are always people driving and walking by. This is the most decorated house this season, the neighbours gave a nod to Halloween, but nothing like these folks. And the view from this street, of the bay and San Francisco in the background! We'll miss these views and this walk. And! we look forward to all the new adventures in Washington - we've already explored a few lakeside walks, and look forward to many more new places to explore.

More details about these pieces on my flickr page (click on the column on the right to see more about these journal pages)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

rstuvwxyz is for...

rapids: The sound of the rushing water, the white foam, the spray, the cool air...I am drawn to the water and especially the waterfall! If I were a more organized photographer, I would have all the photos of me (and various friends and relatives at the time) and waterfalls available to post here...I don't. One of the fabulous things about working on this blog is that I am paying attention more and thinking about photography more, so when we are settled in our new home, I will be organizing all of our photographs, and eventually scanning them for inserting here and there in the blog and in my jewelry.

river: Oh, my dream of living on a river! When it was a possibility, and then likely that we'd be headed somewhere else, I reminded myself that living alongside a river in the midwest would mean *lots* of mosquitos. (I had to think of the negatives, to give up the bigger dream of the running water and the possibility of an inground swimming pool too). I love a river with smooth river rocks to stand on while feeling the water flow all around.
records (keeping them; melting them; listening to them): I keep them a bit haphazardly. I do have a manilla envelope that I stuff with my receipts, and I am really good about keeping everything in there. I record a lot about my days on my daily collages and in my journal pages. Have you tried melting vinyl records into candy dishes, chip bowls, catch alls? I haven't tried it yet, though I have been drawn to the idea for many years now... When an undergrad I had a record collection (no idea where they ended up), my most beloved was Holst: The Planets, I got crazy amounts of cleaning done in no time listening to that record.

i know, right? : We have been enjoying playing with this phrase lately.

ravelry: Love reading through so many of the groups here. Have searched for projects in here. Met some wildly interesting folks there. Am getting an idea of knitting community in the Seattle area. Will be able to stay connected with the Bay Area knitting community through Ravelry. It is really fun.

socks: I prefer socks to slippers. Handknit socks are a treat to wear. My favorite knitting socks method is two at a time, toe-up, magic loop.

slumber: Ah sleep. Our current home's bedroom is so restful (will, not so much now, it's a bit of a mess), spacious, window to the backyard. We are full of hope to find a home in Washington with some of this room's blessings.

ssss sounds
steam (tea kettle; lake in the morning air): One of my most beautiful visual memories is of waking up at a rustic campsite with a view of a little mountain lake with steam rising into the filtered morning light surrounded by huge evergreen trees.

serious?: Another favorite trendy phrase for us right now. Trying to rid ourselves of both of these actually.

spontaneous: Trying to fit this into our days, amidst the packing and social obligations. Looking forward to our venture toward Washington, being spontaneous with our days on that trip. Checking out hiking trails, waterways, and special little stores along the way.

trees: Love the light filtering through the leaves, especially at this time of the year, the light playing on the changing colour of the leaves! Fruit trees! The sway and sound of the leaves in the wind. The shade provided.

trip: Much needed getaway coming soon. We are hoping for a big trip to Europe also, want to visit amazing church architecture, museums, bakeries, farmer's markets, flea markets, all that old world charm.

unicorn: Those mystical creatures, they seem so dreamy and relaxed.

vegetables: Aren't they beautiful all lined up at the farmer's market? I especially love bringing them right in from my garden (looking forward to that again), the sun still felt on the skin, a bit of dirt still clinging to the roots, or the side that touched the rich earth. Into the cast iron pan that's had olive oil, shallots and garlic seasoning the pan, saute them up, add a bit of frest herbs at the end!

vineyard: Ah, the draw of the vines! We have *so* enjoyed our wine country time while living in the Bay Area and are *thrilled* to be moving to another wine region! We've already scouted about a bit and are excited about outdoor concerts, picnics and events on various vineyards in our new neighborhood.

whale: Gentle sea creature. So looking forward to ferry rides and whale watching, the thrill of seeing them swim, the tale and the water flowing off it.


who, what, when, where... washington


wander: Not all who wander are lost. I know I should know where that phrase came from and why it was just everywhere for awhile. I don't know though...and yet, I like it. It's true. Though some are.

welcome (angels unaware): One of my favorite cross stitch projects from *years* and *years* ago! Just took this photo and realized that 'welcome' isn't in this, but that's what I always think of when I think of this piece...

xeriscaping: Using less of the resources of the world. Planting native plants, in areas that will allow for as little water as possible. I think this'll be easy peasy in Washington, great garden centers await us, and plentiful rain. No irrigation needed.

yarn: Oh, the luxury of a stash. The glory of a yarn gift certificate. I finally used mine toward yarn for the *famous* Tilted Duster.

yes (getting it tattoed...): I love this idea of getting it tattoed on my wrist, I have a lot of different words I think about for this area though...a bracelet?

zuzu's petals: Love the holidays when this movie is on the screen for weeks, nearly every hour of the day (if you have cable).
zipper: what would be do without it?

zoo: I do love a zoo, the unabashed wonder in the faces of children. The variety of landscapes, smells, and animals. I try to believe that they are all treated extremely well and they are safe.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

q is for...

Queen: As a child, when I really wanted something with my name on it (I believe I've talked about that here before) my consulation was the Babar stories. And Barbar was big in Australia. Queen Celeste *and* she was Queen of Celesteville.
Also, the knitted crown I made for Cordelia. She looks like a queen in that photo.

queue: British English...another word I lost (mostly) since leaving Australia. The word is back now - thanks to Ravelry.

quirky: yes. My favorite people are. My favorite stores are. My favorite restaurants are. My favorite churchs are.
A sock progress photo...a tad blurry, sorry, the crisp shot was with a flash and the colour was way off. Nearly done with these. I love this pattern, so my next pair of gift socks may be the same pattern again - thank goodness I have so many different colourways to knit it in to keep from getting too bored with the knitting. Don't you love watching the colourways emerge? (Though I have to say -- I'm *not* a fan of the lightening bolt pooling, which is why I haven't purchased Lorna's Laces again. Does anyone know if they have changed their dyeing pattern to avoid that yet?)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

p is for...

Pescadero: Photos from last week's trip ... a new section of the California coastline. Cute town. Captured this photo of a hummingbird too (shout out to Amy)

packing: Has been such a great experience this time. I'm tossing *so* much stuff! Put stacks and stacks of papers from my files -- papers from conferences and presentations and staff development theory and just, so much stuff -- it's all on the internets (that's a mantra in our house :)). The studio is even more empty now. I'll add photos tomorrow of the piles of boxes in the house and the sleekness of the studio once again. The best part of paring down now is having only items we love in the new house. No storage units, no "Hmmm, I wonder what's in those boxes in the garage?" From experience I know that I'll get rid of more stuff when we begin unpacking too. It's so freeing.