Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More staycation photos. From a picnic at the Ballard Locks.

Been crocheting a bunch of toddler toys. This is a sample -- also making eggs, bacon and fruit.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation (august journaler's retreat)

Bleach pen work on a photo that Rose brought to the retreat. I heart the bleach pen. Another of my heart collages. I heart my heart shaped collages...I also made a transfer of one of my designs. I'll show y'all that later. I think I might put it on a plain t-shirt, or maybe a totebag? Hmmm.A re-worked journal page. I took a page that I had worked, re-worked and added again...And I still hated I covered the whole thing with these large graphic flowers in semi-transparent, shiny acrylic paints. I love the page now. Can't decide if I'm going to journal on it too. Thoughts?
The borders are done on these 2 two-page spreads for LM's journal.

My mixed media journal i created on Friday. This was one of my top goals for the weekend, I brought a pile of various papers that I wanted to mix up and sew into a journal. I love it...and I journaled in a bit too...
Some sketching of ideas that developed from pouring through books and being at the retreat for a couple of days.