Friday, February 29, 2008

all you need is ....

What a great time I had making these. They are off, on their way to join others to be made into banners and returned to the many artists who worked on different words. All meant to bring an abundance of those words to our lives, our studios, our homes. I loved playing with the fancy stitches on my little machine.

Had a great day at Freshy's. Met some fabulous artists. Got to see another part of Seattle. At the end of the day we went to a great packaging store and I bought a bunch of fun stuff - paper, oh how I love me some paper!
So, so good! And so easy to make. That's it. water, oil, egg, mix - stir, pour, bake, cut and eat. Yum.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Homemade Brigade Art Show

If you're in the neighbourhood, stop by. A new venue. I'm excited about meeting more artists, and getting to know another coffeehouse. I love coffeehouses. Thanks Tara for the invite.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fluffy clouds and blue sky today

Added a couple more layers to soften up the contrast a bit. Now it just needs framing.
What a gorgeous day today! We went to the Kirkland waterfront. Which has usually left me feeling freeked out because this part of downtown Kirkland is eerily like touristy coastal Southern California (so *not* in any good way). However, we took a different route today and were mostly able to stay away from the chaos and overspending of the trendy shops downtown.

Super good Thai Chicken salad. I so need to make this myself in the future.
Yesterday we walked along the water by us. I love a changing sky. The pink eye is gone, gone, gone -- yippee, that was creepy. Our house is so clean though, making sure that no one else was going to get it. Disinfected everything as I touched it. If we weren't living out of boxes still, I'd invite you all over to see.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

rest here

The bird drawings/paintings continue. I actually took some of my favorites and made stencils of them.
My "rest here" raven.
I'm thinking of finishing this as an encaustic. Maybe. Thoughts?
Needs a frame. Fighting the urge to add words.
The gorgeous sunset on the drive home from my Urgent Care experience getting treatment for pink eye. Yuck. I usually let illness take their natural course, because I don't like to add any chemicals to my system. However, this *freaked* me out! I could not see from the symptoms (which I'll spare the details of here, if you've seen a wicked bad case of pink eye, I had *that* - *disgusting*) and I wanted all of those symptoms gone *now*. So, after two days of drops every two hourse I'm awake, it's gotten quite a bit better, though I would still scare people, so I'm staying home and maintaining the maintenance of eye drops and disinfecting everything I touch.
I so love my public library. This is my favorite ever. This system is so, so good. I love the onslaught of books as soon as you come in. Though I do find it frustrating that the books in this collection aren't entered by title, so when you check them out the receipt (and your list on-line) shows as Paperback Picks 2008. I keep my receipts in a journal to keep track of the books I read during the year, so I have to handwrite the title on the receipt, however, I don't always remember to do this. sigh.

Some of the projects I've been working on these past few days. C picked up my much searched for gesso last night.
I have a gallon container in one of these boxes, but, I didn't write that item on the box, so after weeks of going through the boxes thinking, this time I'll find the box with "gesso" on the list, I gave up the wishful thinking and asked C to zip into the Daniel Smith store right by the hospital (a pastoral visit). Yeah! Now I just have to find that little Japanese saw to cut the pieces for framing. I do know where our hacksaw is, so, if I must, I'll use that.
I did something weird here, so I've put these aside while I wait for the patience to pick it up again. I love how they look and hope they'll be stretchy enough to fit -- the pattern mentioned variations to use, but I've never had a problem with socks fitting before so I didn't take any of the increase stitch options mentioned. Colinette yarn from Cannon Beach. Azure socks pattern from Knitty.

Friday, February 15, 2008

wintery warmth

I have a big pile of these done. I do love the excitement of finishing small things like this. I've also spent time on some of these bigger canvases (16" x 20"):
So in love with this I'm having a hard time adding more layers.
Oh, the icy warmth of this piece.
I'm struggling with my full on support of Obama. But I do love the youtube videos from his campaign. And who doesn't *love* the idea of CHANGE for our country. But, um, *does* he have enough experience to be our president? I'm certain though that there is no shortage of super smart, progressive folks who will be in his administration (a welcome change, no?).
Always wanting to add more to this piece. But, now I like the wintery canvases more. Need to finish them though...gotta get some stuff up on the gallery walls at church.

p.s. Forgot to mention. More daily collages have been made availabe at my etsy boutique...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


lots more photos of this gem of a playground! so inspired for some collages.
i love a fence...and with moss, all the better.
love how blue the sky looks. it was quite cloudy and misty this day (yesterday) though.

this morning we could see the mountains. then it poured!
i've been painting and layering for hours tonight. i picked up 5 canvases on my way home from an art group. i have paint on three of them already. i've taken the plastic wrap off of all of them though. i have the goal of getting paint on all of them before 9:00 i go!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Some of my favorite routines. I love this cafe, in this picture is one of the reasons - a water feature. I love, love, love the sound of water! And they serve Tully's coffee here. My other favorite about this particular place is the outdoor seating area -- too cold and wet this season for sitting out there, but I will definitely be back as soon as possible. Also this is inside an *amazing* plant center - full of inspiration for the kind of lush garden space I'm planning to create in our own yard one day.
I'm co-facilitating the Lent art projects with the children's group tomorrow. We're making purple stolls with stencils and paint (and stories to explain the symbols chosen to represent Lent).
I love knowing that I'm doing something good for myself everyday. Even when it's so blech outside that I can't go for a walk by the water.
Oh, the personality of trees - knots and moss and wonky branches! A psychology class in of our grad student instructors gave us each an apple. We were to look at it for 5 minutes. Then describe it. Better than an art class. I really got to know the details of that apple. And have really paid more attention to the details of natural things since then.
Preparing for another pair of socks. This is Colinette yarn. Purchased in October on our roadtrip up to our new home. I think I'm going to knit the Azure pattern.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Koigu is nice!

it's so grey it's brown today.
sigh. art to brighten up the days
a couple of the ATCs that I have finished up since Tara suggested making Valentine's ATCs. More of the finished pieces will be posted to flickr soon. And I continue to make more of them.
Finished these socks. I *heart* Koigu. Wow, warm and squishy, I love these socks. Picked up the yarn on our October Adventure (our slowish drive up to the Eastside from the Bay Area) from Webster's. Next knitting project will be socks with my Colinette sock yarn picked up in Cannon Beach on that same October Adventure.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ATCs of love

Tara mentioned making some Valentine ATCs, and I thought that was a great idea, and use for a pack of the cards we picked up while playing at Ocean Shores a bit ago. So, I'm adding bits and pieces a little at a time to these.
I love the mandala. (Anything circular really, but the mandala also has that spiritual quality, you know?)
a smiling mary. maybe a bit odd as the easter season approaches, so I thought I better get the image up before ash wednesday.
from the house series. we are still house hunting. sigh. latest offer was passed again.
from the valentine's series. (and more birds because, i love my birds! and security envelope birds especially)