Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crossing things off the list.

I finished them! The front is toothy to represent "Do Not Enter" and the other side with the pocket is for holding a little spiral bound notebook and pen for family and friends to leave messages. For hanging on the outside of their bedroom door.

Here are two fronts and one back. And the next photo is the reverse of them. I couldn't decide which nephew would like which colours... so I wrapped them all and decided mom and dad could either open them before hand and label them, or the kids can get whichever they open. Made from my silk stash. I love stuffies now. So, I'm going to start sketching some new ideas. Maybe some sea monsters coming in honor of ArtFest.

Will mail them tomorrow!

Thank you Gayle for this Christmas gift! So, so good! (Corn bread mix.) And the packaging, so adorable.

Monday, February 23, 2009

celebrating life

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing bits and pieces. How are we supposed to fit it all in? So for Lent this year. So many things I'm planning. Here's my list of 40 things to accomplish. In no particular order:

1. Drink more water.
2. Exercise every day.
3. No library fines.
4. Limited games on facebook.
5. One check of facebook at night.
6. 100 ArtFest trades done.
7. One piece of art created for the ArtFest gallery.
8. 10 items posted to Etsy.
9. Complete commissioned PMC pieces.
10. Write up one new class to teach.
11. Plan an art weekend.
12. Finish nephews Christmas gifts.
13. Mail nephews Christmas gifts (I know...)
14. Purge three big bags of stuff from my studio.
15. Rake and prune the windblown tree bits from our yard.
16. No more drive through lattes.
17. Write one letter a week. (yes, handwritten, snail mail and cards count)
18. Frog the turtleneck sweater for LM and pick a new pattern for the yarn.
19. Organize hallway closets.
20. Put up artwork in LM's room.
21. Put up curtains in LM's room.
22. Earthquake strap the bookcases.
23. Buy babygate for stairwell.
24. Take more photos.
25. Print more photos.
26. Send more photos.
27. Pick 3 photos for framing in special frame.
28. Start clustering artwork in the living room.
29. Create more vignettes in the living room...
30. Dining room...
31. Kitchen...
32. Bathroom.
33. Get all office supply boxes out of garage, into Office.
34. Powerwash the deck.
35. Begin searching Craigslist for deck furniture.
36. Sell old washing machine.
37. Find a great place for white Christmas lights to live year round.
38. Swim.
39. More long walks as a family.
40. More heart and love art to reflect the love we live in.

Any similar plans?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

54 pieces of art!

Some art! A sample of the 54 4 x 4 pages for the ArtFest Dorm 202 FatBook. Theme was the ArtFest theme for 2009 - Sea Monsters.
Started with khaki cardstock. Painted the backgrounds. Drew monsters. Crayoned 3-4 layers of colours. Painted back backgrounds. Painted petals. Wrote blog address and name on the petals. Attached a ticket to Art and petal with mini binder clips. Wrote "i come to the sea to breathe." with my favorite, favorite gel pens!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

i've been on facebook

my goodness. now there is a place where you can spend hours!

in other news i finally figured out how to download photos again and have a few for you. no art yet, maybe tomorrow i'll make it to those. in the meantime, a few photos to share from the last few weeks.
From a recent trip to Cannon Beach
A series of photos on a foggy walk from the library one night: