Friday, May 30, 2008

moving sale

posted some things to etsy...

going to keep putting new things up regularly, i'll be sure to let you all know when they go up. and hey, if you are into etsy and ever do treasuries on etsy...please find something of mine to put up there. totally hoping to be able to do the stay at home mom thing!


Friday, May 23, 2008

we have house!

Amen and Amen.
photos later.
(so much bantering of worth and inspection stuff and *time*)


moving sale on etsy to come soon.

i have some commissioned wedding jewelry to make first.

oh! and speaking of wedding stuff.
did you hear the good news?
the supreme court of California recently said - Yes, two adult people should be able to marry! Amen and amen to that too!
Let the ceremony and party planning begin for those many couples - and their family and friends.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Zapp Application!

Wow. I've learned a great deal in the past week or so as I tried to apply for the Fresh Paint show on the Marina in Everett. Apparently there is a wave crashing on the art show shores -- this application process online. I think there is potential for this actually making the whole process easier for artists and event coordinators. However, I'm too overwhelmed with the huge learning curve that I was up against (on deadline, of course, because frankly *a*lot* is going on in our lives right now, so I couldn't just sit down to complete this thing in one sitting, which for me makes the learning curve steeper and deeper).

So, I'm wicked proud of myself.
I hope I get in.
We'll have our a bit over one month old with us at this his first art show!
So, celebrating tonight with some sparkling stuff and leftover Mongolian Grill.

Two of the photos I uploaded for this application are above (had to send one photo of my booth and three photos of my artwork - that was definitely the hardest to decide).