Saturday, August 23, 2008

elmer fudd lives here

Is this not the cutest picture ever? OMG he melts my heart and makes me laugh outloud so many times a day. This is a gift from Auntie Gayle. She sent a big box of baby stuff she picked up at her new churchs big yard sale a couple of weeks ago. As he wears the stuff I have him model a bit and send her the photos. This should ensure more boxes of gently used items to keep on coming. I may put this in the little photo montage for Christmas cards this year. Oh he is *so* cute!

Getting more journal pages, and canvases too done! Such a thrill to finding some balance every day. I re-worked a tired, old piece and love it now. (Will post that later).

Really getting into shading and depth and letting the wise women (series name) sit out for awhile until the word/s needed for that image come to me. suggestions for this one?

Ta ta for now.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Growing Adventures

Weeks ago on a Saturday we went for a long walk on the Tolt Pipeline, it was a beautiful day. Later that evening we had an accident in our home. It was so incredibly horrible and frightening. He *is* wonderful (about two weeks later). Thank you to all of you who prayed and sent us so many good and powerful thoughts and prayers.

So, now, he's been himself again for more than a week. And he's smiling and giggling now. He smiles and laughs a little every time he's re-introduced to Francis the (ceiling) Fan, which he sees from the changing table. He looks so good in red that I'm planning two sweaters in his favorite deep, good red. Basic Crew and Geordie Stripe Yoke Jacket (Ravelry links).

The apple tree out front of church. I'm so excited to eat one of these this fall. Maybe enough to make a pie, or applesauce?

And this week. I made some art. A couple of pages in the journal. Got a couple more pieces of art on the wall of the studio. Need to keep doing this around the house, we have so much in boxes still.

I ran out of nails before I could finish adding the frame. Once I have this completed, I'll be posting to etsy.

Fell in love with hearts again after wandering through the Fresh Paint show at the Everett Marina on Saturday. Expect a series of these.