Thursday, January 06, 2011

Polymer Clay Journals

This is another of my polymer clay journals, I love the sewing of the signatures, it one of my favorite parts of making a book. This is one of the classes I have been sending out into the world. Hopefully I'll be teaching the making of this book near you soon.

I do love having the opportunity to stay at home with our toddler, but I tell you the big art projects have certainly been curtailed now that he's so mobile. I cannot get out all my papers and leave them scattered about to fit in sewing an hour here and an hour there. The last time I tried that....well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. My carefully planned piles of "sew something from this pile to something from that pile" became related to the game of 52 pick up. One of my takes on the fun, fun, fun Remains of the Day class by the generous, real and brilliant Mary Ann Moss. I wish I could hang out with her. Instead I get to read her blog regularly and occasionally I even find the time to re-watch her fabulous videos for this Remains of the Day class.

The covers are made of polymer clay the technique is called mokume gane. If you click on a photo to see it bigger you may be able to see the shimmer in the clay.