Monday, August 31, 2009

and once in august...

goodness gracious! i haven't posted in a long time...
needed to get at least this one post in in august!

returned yesterday afternoon from a *delightful* journaling retreat near Mt. Baker.

view of our work area from the hallway upstairs...9 quite generous workstations ... many brought trades, others brought items to share -- magazines (Departures met with resounding success...if any readers have access to those...I'd love a little package of those in the mail, or dropped off at the house if you know me :)),
rubber stamped tissue paper,
teeny glassine envelopes,
strips of scrapbook paper,
piles of inspiring published books to pour through,
piles of our journals to pour through,
a great big box of music to journal by,
a few bottles of wine (i think we all showed remarkable restraint in only drinking with our evening meal and later),
baked goods,
homemade soup with nettles,
yummy recipes from great cookbooks,
hot tub time,
lots of laughter,
a few snores :),
a bit of teaching,
a lot of learning,
total restoration!!!

thanks to you all ... long may the "gussies" meet and collaborate!
special thanks to Gwen and Catherine for finding this place and starting the ball rolling!

(view from Liesel's space to my mostly picked up space on Sunday morning...her final journal entry of the weekend experience).