Thursday, March 21, 2013

Text Tile class tonight

I've been creating quote art for a few months now. The Big Studio Cleanse* has prompted me to finally scan them all and to get them to a print shop. Soon they will be available for sale. I've posted this print on Etsy this afternoon *The first floor of our house recently had water damage. We are in the middle of getting it repaired...the water damaged area has been removed, all the tile in the laundry/bathroom, the water soaked carpet and padding, 2 feet of the drywall around the laundry room (and one wall of the garage), it's colder and ugly down there right now. So, next is packing up all of the studio (and laundry room). I have been clearing out things I don't imagine myself using any longer. However, now is the time to just pack. I enjoy purging in the unpacking process even more. When I unpack, I like to think about each thing and it's placement, if I don't know where it goes, then it goes. When it is all done, I will have sunshiney yellow walls and new squishy carpet (we opted for spending more on the padding to cover the concrete foundation).