Sunday, January 29, 2012

new photo studio

I received a "photo studio in a box" for Christmas. So my excuses about poor lighting are over. I'm playing with backgrounds and taking better photographs. I'm working on doing a deep cleaning of the studio, so that there will be plenty of room for taking photographs...and making art in the evenings and other stolen moments throughout the week.

These earrings are currently up for sale in my etsy store...See the link to the right.
I really, really enjoy making and filling art journals lately. These are a couple that I will have for sale in the etsy shop eventually. I also teach classes locally on how to make these lovelies.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

snow days

I love the snow. Especially when I don't have to drive in it. We built snowpeople, we made snowangels. Sledding happened. Hot chocolate happened. The really good kind, unsweetened cocoa, milk, a bit of sugar and vanilla, marshmellows and whipped cream sometimes.
Once it was important to bring out the trains to drive in the tire tracks on the driveway.