Friday, February 19, 2010

Artfest collaborative book process

I finally sent them in...
This is the process:
The pages were painted first.

The collaged pages

Then I india ink'd some flowers, and other glorious icons all over the pages, to be cut into 4 x 4 sheets.

The completed front page
Another completed front page and a sample of the back

Thursday, February 11, 2010

january gussie retreat

what a blessing.
this group of women, the space and time that we have there to create, play, walk the beach, eat such fabulous (mostly) healthy food and get a little bit of sleep...priceless.
Penelope brought her one inch button making machine...Once we got started we couldn't stop creating buttons, this is a mere fraction of the beautiful buttons made.

a quick trip to the beach for some fresh air and teeny white rock collecting. {Cordelia...where is my sea glass?}

wonderful painted background technique that Gwen shared with us. I love this vibrant colour combination of hers.

custom prints available soon at my etsy store...stay tuned for the originals of these to be posted at a later time.

more retreat photos and sharing's nap time...and that means I can get a little studio time in!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

oh facebook :)

well, there's facebook and then there is the broken camera...which has kept me from taking more photos....

however, I am trying to get back post more photos and tell you more about my art making adventures.

had another "Gussie" retreat with my art journaling friends...will post photos of that soon.


One of my pages from the Gussies Collaborative Calendar. I love my calendar so much!

Painting and painting and painting some more