Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Courage

Did not see this sign when I parked. So tired when I left that I did not find someone to take my photo with the sign.
Start with a sketch
Add some paint

The final work. I hope it raises some money for the Bellevue School Foundation. Artist Reception is Saturday, May 14th. Silent Auction started on April 1st with the first completed work.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Painting Demo this week!

I'm painting at Bellevue Art and Toys on Monday, April 18th from noon to 4
I'll be working on a journal page inspired painting. Every day in April they are hosting an artist making art to fundraise for Bellevue schools.

May 14th is the artist reception, come on down to see all the work. And perhaps bid on some of the great artwork!

Friday, April 01, 2011

My Tribe. November Guemes Island Retreat.

"We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into." Carolyn Myss
Every 3-4 months a group of talented, well read, and beautiful artists connect for four days and 3 nights at our super secret location on Guemes Island. We make art, we solve all the world's problems, we make food (thanks Gwen for the planning and shopping), we eat food, we share favorite art books (and titles of great fiction reads), we share zines (we make 'em and swap 'em too), and laugh so hard our sides hurt (and we cry sometimes too). It is the best!
Penn has the most organized approach to art. I am constantly amazed by her artwork. And especially her writing. I had a dream about Penn, she is an uber famous writer, under a pen name because she's an introvert. Serious...she's that talented.
The pile of stuff I brought with me for my four days of art making. I completed a lot of what I hoped to complete.
Some images of the ferry landing and beach combing.

I love this community center/waiting for the ferry spot, filled with graffiti and community notices.
Gwen's journal in progress and Penn's organized space.
Final day, cramming for show and tell.
Love. Beautiful. Tina's journals are *so* inspirational!
Sue was a first time "Gussie", I love this show and tell shot of her because she so "embraced" her art.
Love, love, love everything about this stencil Penn created.
Paula is known for her flower drawings...wonderful!! These are daffodils Tina bought at the great supermarket in Anacortes on the way to the ferry landing.
Kathe had such a great dream one of the nights we were encamped, she worked and worked on representing the dream. Love it.
The colour combination is so glorious! Gwen's work.
Completely enamoured with this drawing by Catherine.

Looking forward to our June retreat!