Sunday, February 25, 2007

daily collage posting catch up

i'm going to attempt to put a few comments near each collage.
i love this simply rendition of our church. the courtyard and the bell tower are two of my favorite bits.

faith. this is a clipping found years ago. i liked the idea of creating my own collage for the cover of a retreat booklet sometime. it's inspiration one of my next daily collages will be my own cover page retreat booklet. maybe represent our churches guiding principles?

one of my favorite rooms to clip and save are studios! this is the wrapping and mailing section. i do have an area reserved for this, but it certainly isn't this beautiful - yet. love the style of these slippers. would like to knit, full/felt, cut and sew my own -- it's low on the priority list though :)

i love this smaller rosary. i was baptised catholic as an infant but it's been decades since i've been catholic. i did recently go through a prayer bead creation frenzy. i like the simplicity and elegance of this style - i think i'll give this a go too.

i think one of the things on this list that i most need to be aware of regularly is saying no without guilt (who's with me on this one?) i love the wire leaf sculpture, gonna try this one day too.

the ultimate studio...the wrapping paper dowels! and the butcher paper holder/tearing thing! the cabinet to close, the glass jars of yummy bits. the pendant lamps. what's not to love?

i love the business card sized bits of paper collaged on the wall here...

love the hair and the glasses!

love the christmas card wire rack, the wood for the fireplace in the big patina'd bucket, the berried twigs

love these stars...we had a similar chandlier in our past home. i love wreaths!

love making these happy, dancing people
one of my etsy items.

just a bit of another one of my favorite assemblage/altars.

love her too.

i've been sorting through my stack of magazines, trying to use up images I love, they've been absorbed into these past several days of paste and gel medium.

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lisa said...

hey celesete, i have some craft stuff for you. i'll try to remember to send it w/ cordelia when she comes on saturday. they are some cards (about the size of the playing cards you are using for collage)...they're not playing cards, but the same size and's hard to explain...but i thought you could use them.

hope to see you soon!