Tuesday, May 01, 2007

this year i will....

so, i've been reading This Year I Will...and I'm finding it a helpful reminder of my need to accomplish a number of things that I have been letting build up on my to do lists...

i have really let the studio go. so tonight, i'm going to tune the ipod in to a 30 minute-ish podcast and pick up the place. this is one of my favorite tricks learned from a years ago obsession with the flylady website. it really is amazing how clean i can get the house in 30 minutes. of course, the biggest mess is *always* the studio, especially when i've been making mixed media hang ups. paper. glue sticks. matte medium. paint. seam binding tape. wire. feathers. beads. tools.
spend some time getting the papers and boxes and *stuff* off the floor. perhaps as i do this i will put some of the things in pretty little containers that are gathering dust in the garage.
yesterday as a part of my overnight stay in berkeley i went to get my eyebrows threaded - the absolute greatest service i have learned about since moving to the bay area nearly four years ago (!)
went to the library. the best library here too. picked up a bunch of DVDs - lately been going through the Miss Marple mysteries...she knits a lot, i like that.
salmon for dinner at the dining hall...good food and some great dinner conversation is always a special treat too. topped off the evening with a long phone conversation with c on the roof of Arch - *amazing* view of the sunset and the Golden Gate bridge - wish i'd brought my camera up with me.
(no camera cord with me today, so I'll add some photos later).

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