Friday, May 11, 2007

cut, paste, draw, repeat

still in progress.

added more to this today...i think it's done.
(click on the image to see the writing on the page better).
mail art. went out in the mail today to an art friend. i used to write *a*lot* of letters and decorate the envelopes like i did my pee*chees in high school. on occasion i repeat.
more bits to be pasted in the visual journal tonight.


cordeliaknits said...

what the heck is a pee chee??!!

celeste said...

what? you're kidding me? the manilla yellow coloured folders with vintage-y looking sports figures? hmmm...i'll have to google search to see if there is a photo out there, i don't think any of my pee chees have survived my various clean sweeps