Thursday, May 31, 2007

the lusciousness of patina

a 'quick' look through some of my favorite blogs led me to these two posts about "small pleasantnesses" lovely to have a new phrase for it. do you remember the book 14,000 things to be happy about (title something like that anyway), as soon as i found that book i began such a list in one of my many little journal books. i wrote and i wrote. i continue to write such lists. i love them.
and so, today my list of 'small pleasantnesses' begins with lists of s.p. -
books to read, books i've read, music,
websites (mostly blogs now),
the texture & depth of colour in my bead collection,
my inspiring bulletin board,
the variety of roses in our backyard,
the ever changing look of the fruit trees,
farmer's market - the people watching,
the smiles of kindred spirits honoring the folks who shop with their canvas bags, who forego the plastic bags offered by the merchant farmers,
a simple spring summer meal crafted of the fresh from the earth pickings from the farmer's market,
a fresh cup of fair trade organic latte,
my hand-dyed, toe up magic loop two at a time socks coming together,
flickr - oh the beauty and twinkle of humor & depth available there,
the magic of my collage a day practice,
berkeley bumperstickers - especially witty
patina - aged wood, rusty metal, mossy picnic tables, ah the beauty of a well used practical thing

what are your small pleasantnesses?

1 comment:

Amy said...

I love the list - and the idea of this list - and the opening photo. But I seriously love the collage shown here in relation to the "collage a day practice." That's beautiful. Is it hand dyed/painted fabric as a base? Love the "wish" ticket on it, too.