Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Maker Faire - *go*go*go*

Love this camper! so going to go to the website to find out how much it is. the folks at the festival had these on display to rent them - I love this and want to buy one! so, so awesome. (more photos of the inside when the bed is a table and the kitchen area - let me know if you'd like to see the other photos & contact info).

the pvc pipes on top were being played by these boys. an interactive art car. send him your dried up markers.

you know it!

dozens and dozens of project making spaces. bring your kids, they'll have the best time!

the creative vibe here was *so*off*the*chart*


Green Kitchen said...

We went and had a great time. I only got to see a fraction of all the cool stuff. Next year I'll plan on going both days.

celeste said...

you know it! I only had 5 hours there - and the only reason I saw so much is because the rest of my posse cancelled on me at the last minute, so I nearly ran through the place, snapping photos left, right and center!