Friday, May 25, 2007

shut up and sing - the Dixies Chicks rock

one of my favorite recent collages.

my newly reworked inspiration studio wall.
we watched Shut Up & Sing - the Dixies Chicks documentary last night. It was quite good. I really appreciate how they got stronger and stronger as a team through what had to be very terrifying time - both because of all the crazies out there who sent death threats and had incredibly crazy phrasing on poster boards outside of venues, and Toby Keith and his ridiculous song & comments about Natalie and Saddam. This is one of the crazy things the far right does to associate intelligent thought (progressive) with completely unrelated fear imagery. Shame on you Toby Keith for being a pawn (though from watching an interview with him, I get that he just doesn't have the intelligence to comprehend that he's being used). Toward the end of the DVD we found ourselves wishing there was a way to automatically update the DVD with them coming through at the end with loads of awards and being the number one video for months on VH1! love them.


Mary Ann said...

That is a bulletin board among bulletin boards! Love the bright splashy artfulness of it all. So cool...

Krisite LaRose said...

Love the art here! :)

Yup the Dixie Chicks Rock!