Monday, May 21, 2007

clean, clean, crash

ah, space, glorious space, free and open surfaces.

i took advantage of the beauty of my studio to do more drawing, cutting and pasteing - more collages soon.

took a break for dinner. we had a little veggie chili with grated cheese, chopped red onion and a few tortilla chips (i had a beer too, it's got a hummingbird logo, how could i resist?). chatting about our day. then, we begin to watch Barbara Brown Taylor preach - *a*maz*ing*. we are relaxed, i am entranced, getting an historical bible lesson (always a treat, when it comes from an honest & progressive point of view, because it's true & loving), watching a masterful story teller.
squealing tires (we hear varying degrees of this, we live *right* at the inside part of a tight turn on a very residential street). a split second later - a *HUGE* crash. right across the street from our street parked car! blessing that no one was hurt, not even the completely stoned driver. fortunately he didn't have a passenger. and fortunately the kids in the house next door to where he hit the car weren't playing on the sidewalk (as they often do - riding their bikes or scooters to the top of the hill and coasting down on the sidewalk to their house). so scarey! totalled both cars. the curve is posted at 15. it's a residential neighborhood with churchs and an elementary school the next street parallel and a hospital two blocks east! no less than 5 police cars (who drove equally too fast to the scene by the way!)
our next door neighbor went straight to the car and told the guy not to leave. he actually had his hand in the window of the car! so lucky the guy wasn't violent. his wife was on the phone calling the police reading the license plate.
on a completely separate note. cordelia's deacon (cat) is missing, please send prayers/good thoughts for his healthy return.
UPDATE**he's back *safe*and reminding all of his importance!

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