Friday, October 13, 2006

Socktoberfest rocks!

two projects done!

Sweet little hat as a holiday gift.

and ta da...the first magic loop, elfin socks. They remind me of the superman movies for some reason...the colours? I did a picot edge to the top...very hard to capture on the camera. i have an inconvenient truth hat to knit up for Rachel on the needles now. I will soon be starting a requested pair of socks for my sweetie.

I'm getting some nibbles on the etsy site, which is *great*, the dream continues to blossom...a size larger than before :)

This morning before I finished these two knitting projects I did some collage work. I *love* the old hymnals - the slightly musty smell, the aged patina to the pages, the music -- I'm not so thrilled with all the patriachcal language, and then I remember - that's why I have these hymnals -- because the United Church of Christ re-wrote all the great hymns with inclusive language, and that's what we get to sing in church now. Loving songs of praise. And these old views hymnals were recycled.

My new Knit Picks catalogue arrived just now...time to post and get to looking through the inspiring pages.


Jeri said...

Inquiring readers want to know... What is the yarn on your red and blue socks? And what pattern/needle size?

celeste said...

So sorry I haven't responded earlier...I have searched for the label for those socks...Paton's merino wool in blue and red is what I remember, though I can't verify that ;)
The pattern however, I do know. I posted it previously, Anna Bell's
Elfine socks at
Thanks for leaving a comment!

celeste said...

oops. I found the labels..."Bambino Ull" by idena
100% merino superwash