Monday, October 09, 2006

Stand Up Blue!

The gorgeous fig tree canopy outside my studio. I bought all of these grapevine globes filled with white lights at a post-Christmas sale at Target. They lasted all the way to the 90% off stage. I knew they were a perfect match for me, so I bought them 7 years ago ('round about). They came out of the box as soon as we moved in here...*this* is their first perfect spot. (As this is a rental, we'll be moving sometime, and there will be the next perfect spot).
I also wrapped a long string of white Christmas lights through the limbs of the fig tree. What's the first lesson of putting out the holiday lights? You guessed it, I didn't follow that and *really* should have. So, one day, I'll unwind it all and put a new *tested*first* long line up again.
It is beautiful at night, I'll have to try to capture it for y'all one evening.

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