Thursday, October 05, 2006

Studio Candy

I have a rather large collection of these huge paintings. Years ago I took this Large Colourful Painting class with Paul Allen Bennett in Sisters, Oregon. (He's both a tremendously talented artist *and* wonderful teacher -- a rare and treasured combination). This is my main making art area...lots of bits and bobs on the work surface (cropped out for clean imagery purposes).

The purple lounge chair is on the deck just outside my studio. C said to me as we were listening to the rain last night "Do you think we should move the purple chair?" Me being perfectly content to continue laying on the fluffy down comforter in the cool-warm dark listening to the rain fall on the roof, gutters and leaves, said "No, it's weather resistant, it'll be fine." Well, rain continues. I *love* rain! especially on studio days. I just feel perfectly content to collage, knit, paint, create jewelry...bring on winter!

Progress on the first Magic Loop socks. I'm really hoping that the red yarn stripe is going to be significantly different in width to the blue stripe I just finished (I'm often a fan of asymmetry - 3, 5 items in a vignette...) I slipped one on to show the lacey look vs. the "egg carton" look unstretched.

Ooooh, and see also the yummy goodness of the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I borrowed Cordelia's swift and ball winder on Tuesday night to zip these into their sock knitting essence. Thanks again Cordelia, I *heart* that swift - it's such a work of art!

My "clean" area of the studio. Laptop and printer/fax/scanner/copier is here. I knit usually while reading blogs, listening to podcasts. I used a couple of sheets of butcher paper to cover my found bulletin board with bright circles (I love it so much that I haven't covered much of it up still). The green bordered washcloth cracks me up. We have this fabulous Japanese store in town, I *love* to read the translations on things and buy the ones that make me laugh out loud in the store. This is my third such $1 purchase. "Lend your ear to the whispers of nature. FLOWERS Nature is so beautiful with all of its subtle changes. Honesty is the best policy." I love the last line...

OK. Gotta get back to creating. Warm rain blessings to y'all.

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