Saturday, October 21, 2006

Big News - First Etsy Sale!

The lights in the fig tree. Isn't it pretty?

And this, my collection (thus far) of cotton dishcloths. Yes, there is a plan. You'll see. It involves Christmas -- because nothing says Happy Holidays like, here's a washcloth and some soap ;), right?

Don't you love the ability to crop photos? I do my best in posing - picking all the dead leaves out of the tree before shooting, but to crop! I love to find just the right asymmetrical crop to a photo. Love it.

Is it wrong that I keep thinking about the dishcloth yarn on sale at Michael's? I want that red and turquoise. Must restrain myself. Have enough dishcloths (and still more cotton stash too).

Posting away on etsy. And, oh my goodness, I can't believe I didn't mention it yet! My first sale! Yesterday! So, I bundled up the goodies (and a few extra treats for the first buyer) and shipped it out same day! And to celebrate - a Scharffen Berger Extra Bold Freddo from Peet's. It's still not egg nog latte season yet, pumpkin spice lattes, not nearly the same.

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