Saturday, September 30, 2006

the Magic Loop - *indeed*

My first two iPod cozies. I wasn't going to picture them until I had my final version ready for pattern posting, however...I am in the midst of knitting my first socks knit in Magic Loop - as soon as I saw these directions for 2 socks on one circular - I stopped everything and cast on! (Turkish cast-on tutorial. From MisoCrafty and

I am thrilled! I really like the lace-y pattern. I'm a fairly tight knitter, so the lace really only shows when stretched on the foot...more details as I finish the heels and try them on. I'm nearly out of yarn I'm going to have to rip out the first iPod cozy in order to add to the socks. I'm hoping to get past the heel to start with the blue yarn -- I am *in*love* with the blue and red combination right now -- that blue of the tablecloth in the picture preferably, though I don't think the yarn I have is quite that hue.

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