Wednesday, September 13, 2006

party in the yard

I was invited to participate in this great event -- such a wonderful idea, to transform a beautiful backyard into a dream -- a glorious abundance of handcrafted goodies. White pop-up booths, all manner of interesting display items - a lot of buddhas (I'm a fan from way back), flowers, smooth stones, this very cool display for necklaces that a glass bead artists husband created for her - I'm totally borrowing this idea one day... There are individually etched wine glasses for the first 200 guests, a free flowing wine and non-alcholic drinks bar going all day, and yummy goodies all around the artists booths. A great day. *However*, the weather was *so* hot! 112-118 depending on the report - gallons of water downed, ice packs on my feet, ice on my head, those awesome cooler kerchifs around my neck. So, afterward we all thought - "hey, maybe we should try this great event in cooler times!" So....

if you are in the east bay area September 30th, stop by It really is a great time. I'll have my
silver jewelry, soldered collage pendants and a few of my mixed media collage pieces for the wall.

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