Friday, September 29, 2006

on tea and vitamin c

One of my favorite new collages. I've been so inspired by Half Moon Bay and all the birds, I started adding a lot of birds to my art lately. Here's one of my sandpipers. My scanning session wasn't great - I'm going to have to re-take the collages with my camera sometime.

Feeling a bit under the weather...maybe hanging around a couple of sick folks at work and play has taken it's toll. i've got to figure out how to get books on tape on to my ipod, because sometimes I just get *bored* with sleeping when i'm sick and yet, the burning hot eyes keep me from an actual page turning book.

*anyway* i won't be at the super *Art in the Yard* event on Saturday because of the tea and vitamin c i'll be downing again all day (yes, plenty of water too). Please go to the event though (and remember handcrafted things have special powers, so buy up!), there are many beautiful items available. (

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cordeliaknits said...

Ooh! I love that collage, except...hey!

I'M THE ONE THAT LIKES BIRDS!!!!! You thought you could sneak that by me, didn't you?!?!