Monday, September 18, 2006

what a celebration!

joyful, joyful! the worship service was wonderful, the music glorious, the sermon, the was all so beautiful.
there were so many people there with cameras (and one with video equipment) that I didn't carry my camera with me, so I'm posting these roses as representative of all the scrumptious bouquets and baskets present. (These are roses from an earlier birthday celebration) I'll post the rest when we get all the photos from the other cameras.


lisa said...

can't wait to see all the pics! i'm so sorry that i wasn't able to be there, i'm sure it was amazing!!!!

celeste said...

we missed you. every time i ran in and out of the sanctuary getting something else i forgot, i looked for you, cordelia, linda, or courtney... i just don't know if the video, or photos will translate...of course they won't, but, i mean, will you get a grasp of *some* of the love? i hope'll have to let us know.

cordeliaknits said...

baaaa! I am SO SAD that I missed the ordination :(

I was thinking of you all day, hoping that there were enough people there that you wouldn't miss those of us who couldn't make it.

I'm so proud of the new Rev. C! Can't wait to see pictures.