Thursday, May 24, 2007

7 random things...

one of my latest collage a day pieces: lots of scraps of paper, a slide mount, bunches of stamped flowers, some embellished with one of my new favorite tools = the white gel pen.

I've been tagged for a meme (i'm just not historically web savvy enough to know the origin of this name - "me, me, it's all about me"? or something else?), tagged by Amy of Threaded Thoughts and The Creative Mom podcast (one of my *favs*, i save them to listen on my commute to work, because i love so much about them). Amy mentions a possible connection to chain letters, and I suppose an connection could be made, however, I enjoy reading them, so am honored to be tagged.

I'm supposed to list 7 random things/facts about me and then tag another 7 bloggers to do the same (being sure to leave them a comment to know they've been tagged).

So, seven random things...
1. I love a really good "children's book" - Madeline L'Engle (I've read *absolutely*everything* she's had published! J.K. Rowling. I remember reading really excellent British authors while I was a child living in Australia, wish I could remember the authors. Anyone know about a series about a magic tree kids could climb and rotating clouds at the top offered various adventures?

2. I cannot really claim a favorite colour. I love so many, and the love is from the gut and changes depending on so many factors - what is the colour for? how long will I have to live with the colour? For a while now I have loved lime green blouses and t-shirts, but I don't want a lime green wall (though several years ago we did paint our bathroom lime green, and the next day had to buy primer and another colour to cover it, lime green in that bathroom made it feel half the size).

3. I covet those wicker basket cart things that some lucky people wander Farmer's Markets with.

4. I have collected quotations in their own journals for more than 25 years. (the handwriting evolution always makes me smile).

5. As a child I lived in Alaska, Singapore and Australia. My mother quizzed us on the 50 states at the dinner table for weeks before we moved back to the states.

6. I love living in the Bay Area and the *only* thing that keeps us from staying here is that we can't afford the price of homes here.

7. One of my random skills is the ability to pack. I can visualize space in a way that others in my life just are marveled by. Wait a minute, maybe I've been complimented into doing this task...truly, though it is a skill I believe I picked up from the many years of packing for moves from one country to another.

The only blogger I am tagging is: Cordelia
what I call my 'messy paper', I use bits and pieces of this for my journal pages, collage a day pieces and assemblage. I remain quite fond of spirals and circles. When I know I'm stopping the painting process for a few hours, or overnight, I try to use up the paint in the pallette on the paper. I often use the paper to work on too, so there are often quotations, lists and ideas scribbled on there too.

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amy said...

Wow -quotations for 25 years! Awesome. And, I can imagine the handwriting change is really fascinating! Love the "messy paper," too!