Tuesday, May 22, 2007

rainbows & madonna

i so love that our local goodwill organizes the shirts so beautifully.

still loving the clean space. i managed to fill up my camera card for the first time, trying still to figure out how to clear them now so that i can take more photos. it's weird to be able to have a blog, the be able to crop my digital images and yet not be able to do two things i think to be *very*important*: 1. i don't know how to make prints of my artwork. 2. i can't remove my photos from my camera card. tips anyone?

the madonna mosaic is from one of our holy hill seminaries. really need to spend some more time on my madonna series. i love all the found objects in this piece.


Amy said...

Hey Celeste - love the rainbow rack! Go to My Computer, and your camera card should be visible as one of the "drives" (g:, for example). You may have to try a few of them to find the right one if you don't already know which it is, but after you open the drive, you can select and delete photos from your card. Or, the software you're using to upload the photos may have a delete function!

Amy said...

Me again... I have to let you know I just tagged you for Random 7 meme on my blog. Sorry!

Catherine Witherell said...

What kind of camera? My digital has it in a control panel you get to with buttons on the camera. It should be close to something when you download onto the computer. It will say 'erase all', and you have 2 chances to click on something that means 'yes' and then the camera erases all.