Friday, May 04, 2007

fruit salad beginnings

our backyard is beginning to fill with fruit. we are hoping to have a bountiful harvest (last year i think all the fruit was eaten by birds or squirrels before we got to any of it).
apricots - hundreds of them!

cherry tree

plums. we have no idea the variety.

a citrus tree, we still are unsure of it. the fruit starts out little and deep green, gets huge (6" plus in diameter, then the rind is about an inch thick) and lemony yellow.

we also have gorgeous roses (we do very little to deserve all of this glory...everything was planted by the homeowners years ago - house built in 1962)

we were searching for special shampoo for C...this is not it.

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cordeliaknits said...

tee hee...
"dangerously straight"
I love it!!!