Sunday, June 03, 2007

days of seed pods and music

my favorite photo from our walk tonight. i have no idea what this is - do you? please share. i love how the camera captured the shine of the seed pods / fruit?

created 2 mixed CDs for an exchange. i am so excited about this. i initially thought i was going to do a winter wonderland mix, but ended up doing more of a 'music to create wonderful things in the studio' deal. the packaging for the double CD was fun to construct too. i *finally* opened up the new sewing machine. i even tried a couple of different stitches - the leaves and one that had little bumps in it. more exploration to follow. i also sewed up one of the banners that i've had sitting in piles in the studio.

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Kim Carney said...

Hello Celeste -- I rec'd your wonderful cd mix ... and thought your packaging was brilliant! Mine is in the mail (I promise) ;) Thank you so much. cheers, Kim