Sunday, June 10, 2007

fibres, fibers, banners & mendhi

sewing and knitting projects. the banners (there are more) are to be further embellished with glitter, lace, papers, buttons and more. i love my sewing machine (click on the banner image to see three different stitch patterns that i've played with so far). i knit these socks *way*too*big. hmmm. i do love this colourway, the relative lack of pooling - i think i'll have to create another skein so that i can knit another that fits better - and perhaps really sit down with the universal sock pattern to create my very own lacey design.
listening to the sskpodcast (one of my *favorites* and my name is on this one because i have skyp'd with them) and mendi tattoos were mentioned too...i've been exploring lately. i may spend a lunch hour this summer getting a mendhi tattoo from an artist on telegraph avenue. i am drawn to body art - as shannon (i think it was shannon) mentioned i likely won't have a permanent tattoo because -- how do you decide which of the many beautiful images do i permanently imprint on my skin? ...labyrinth ... lotus flower... birds in flight ... nest ... tree - but would i *always* appreciate having these images *on*my*body*? so, my goal regarding mendhi tattoos is to have some beautiful floral vine like design on my feet.
is it odd that i should, in the same post, talk about socks and henna tattoos on my feet?

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