Friday, June 08, 2007

'painting is the best way i've found to get along with myself'

always seem to be adding a bit or two to these pages. i've been doing a lot of quick painting sketches and then filling in with paint, markers and collage bits.

stamps, and white - oh how i am loving the white! and i recently have been playing with the flickr toy that creates these word generator ('first friday').

found a pile of new papers, it's pulling me into new ideas and new pages. these are a few at stages i could show. i've also been working on another pair of toe up, two at a time magic loop socks. though i keep forgetting to take a picture to post. we're headed out of town for the weekend, so i'll finish them before i get an on the needle photo, but i'll post an on the feet photo when i return. (and i'm bringing another yarn cake of my hand-dyed to start another pair, so i'll take an on the needle photo of them too).

our good friends own the strictly organic company. we love them and their *truly* amazing coffee. before we knew them though coffee people was my coffee of choice - and only their rich dark 'black tiger' espresso blend. C was recently in PDX and picked up a lb. for me. Oh those 'slammahamma's - mexican chocolate mochas with a triple shot of black tiger espresso! picks you right up in the mid-morning!

i just love those english country looking gardens. this page is really looking for some journalling. i'm looking for a good chico coffeehouse this weekend to sit and add a bit more to the pages and knit a bit too. more upon our return.


Auntie Knickers said...

I love the English gardens too. You have much more the climate than I. In the Miss Read books (comfort reading set in the Cotswolds) I am always amazed when the winter jasmine blooms soon after Christmas. Have a wonderful, relaxing, art-filled weekend! I am excited to see Cordeliaknits and Sisterknits again in just 18 more days!

Auntie Knickers said...

I finally realized what I was doing wrong and now can leave comments on your blog! Hurray!