Thursday, June 14, 2007

10 things i need less of (& a bonus 10 things i need more of)

newest pair of socks. snake river socks (doing mine two at a time on one circular needle). i knit from the inside and outside of the yarn 'cake'.

my attempt with the turpentine papers. from these directions, i also smooshed with a gloved hand the paper - meaning i scrubbed the surface, because without doing that, the page did nothing interesting. they are still drying, i'll post photos of both the interesting and the boring later.

10 things i need less of
(in no particular order, i'm listing them with numbers, just because i like numbers):
1. plastic bags (trying hard to remember to keep the canvas bags in the car).
2. heat
3. sugar
4. blogs to read
5. paper (especially computer print outs)
6. knitting patterns (see above)
7. "freedom isn't free" bumperstickers.
8. the intentional meanies
9. french pedicures (& manicures)
10. procrastination

10 things i need more of:
1. drinking water
2. swimming
3. magic
4. my home church
5. the new century hymnal
6. walks on the beach/hikes by the water.
7. deeper bathtub
8. time at independent bookstores and cafes.
9. new music (the CD exchange is really helping).
10. get back to writing my morning pages.

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ms. b said...

you need less knitting patterns??? i always need more!!! :)