Monday, June 18, 2007

slow down, have a little faith

keeping up with my daily collage practice. some of my recent pieces. been exploring making prints of some of my favorites - please comment on my flickr account (or blog posting) of your favorites - i'll 'sweeten the pot' a bit, if you post a comment to either place, i'll add your name to a drawing to send you the print of your choice when they're done. (no deadline for now, mind you).

from a coffee series i've been working on.
(reminder, if you click on the images, they'll 'get bigger' and you can read the quotes or other details - this also works on the flickr photos).
two of the turpentine papers....they brought a migraine on. literally. even though i did all the work outside, they just *stink*. so much so that yesterday i soaked them in the bathtub to try to get the turpentine out. that did remove a good deal of the stink - and led to the bathtub getting an extra special, extra thorough cleaning - bonus!

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Yarn Thing said...

Hey, just want to let you know I spoke about your beautiful granny square pendant on the podcast this week. I hope it gets you some business :-)