Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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beautiful you tube video. i have yet to figure out how to put the photo here. watch this though. it reminded me of the remarkable courage it takes to go for our dreams. but when the dream and our talents match - wow! so, i am all a flutter to get back to the studio, to take a class, search the internet (there are so many instructional videos out there), to pick the brains of my friends - to *somehow* finally learn a bit about scanning and cropping and *making*prints*of*my*collages* and other artwork. because the dream keeps knocking, and doors keep showing up and i have got to leap - and open those doors.

was in chico this past weekend. beautiful people. oh! the lucky folks who get to wander the aisles of that farmer's market every week. juicy peaches. fragrant basil plants. wonderful plush toys. a photographer that collaborates with a poet friend. beeswax candles (i so should have bought more!). garlic so beautiful i had to photograph it. a coffee cart i should have asked to photograph - the wonderful teapots and propane stove, the drip coffee, the hand-lettered sign. the whole place was communal, sharing, trading, laughing. a joy. and the art in chico!

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