Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's getting hot in here...

i cannot stop taking photos of the glorious flowers here! and i love the succulents everywhere too. i am tempted to get a little kiddie pool - it's not yet july, our little cabin in the 'burbs is concrete - it just sucks the sun and steams the place up when we are both at work and the house is sealed up for the day.
fenceline photos, paths, journeys - very drawn to them as we continue to trust and follow this new direction, new adventures, new celebrations. this photo is a little dark, sorry about that. i checked out two digital imaging books from the library - going to learn more about playing with my images to get them ready for professional printing!

other news - i've been receiving absolutely fabulous cds in the exchange i participated in. later today i'll take photos of the creative packaging to share with you all, so come on back to see.

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