Saturday, April 28, 2007

paint, paper, glue, and the camera

it has been a sea of paper, paint, matte medium, pens and a wide variety of ephemera in my studio lately. i haven't been taking studio photos for awhile, so this weekend i decided i needed to catch up on the collage a day pile. i'm nearly done uploading them to my new(ish) flickr file. as of this moment there are nearly 500 photos there. i get a little bored with the uploading and descriptions, so there *still* are more collages to enter'll happen, stay tuned.

still so loving these white pens. this page is in progress.

took *a*lot*of*photos* to get this action shot.

note to self...never let our children play in the stinky-pesticide-full-run-off-water from the golf course. beautiful to look at, couldn't stand there long for the wicked smell.

testing the "sports" (motion) feature of the new camera. i was hanging on tight (note the multi-wrapped around my hand cord) and waiting for the best moment to take the photo. c (who was driving of course, because you should never take a photo while driving) glanced over, saw this in the screen of the camera and said, that's a great, i took the shot. it is cool i think.

and a fibre shot. i'm trying to write up the pattern for the granny square cozy.

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Gwen said...

Hi Celeste,
I found your blog through your posts about AF photos on Flicker. Two of the things that I made in Anahata's class were in your photos! I am so excited. I was in Personal Icons, and did the Asian woman and the one with 4 photos of Chairman Mao.

I really like your blog, and your photography. Was this your first AF? This was my second, and it was even better than last year!

I will keep checking back to your blog!