Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artfest 7: Other Show & Tell Goodies

I love these cats. Carla Sondheim's class. They made *a*lot* in this one day class.

From Lynn Perrella's class. This is a huge piece of paper, I believe it's cut to be folded into a book. I loved the imagery and colours here.

love the construction of this frame.

i love the words on this perrella class paper.

i have a bunch of these muffin tins that I just knew i needed to make into already framed pieces.

i didn't touch anything at Show and Tell. (we were asked not to), so I'm not sure what these covers are made of - i have a lot of foam core though, so that's what i'm going to use.

inside. o.k. it's time to use a goodly number of pages of my paper collection in creating a journal.

i found this piece to be in many ways a synthesis of ArtFest for me (i'm not the artist) - wallpaper, altered photos, trees, wood shingled building, windows, heart, words, white... i really love this piece.

jewelry pieces. I took a three day workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer two years ago and i have yet to finish one thing from that time. I'm inspired anew to finish something from the big pile of things I made in those three days. (My journal pages from those days are among my finest journal pages :))

more books. must. start. making. books. again. (I even collected bunch of hardware things from my dad's collection to make books - gotta *do*it*)

Jenna Colby's class. She shared so many cool things with her class. I love these heads!

This series reminds me to get my own four part series posted to etsy.

I have been so into this torn and cut collage stuff lately. i do like the idea of adding more ink and paint to the top of the paper stuff before, during and after gluing.


Catherine Witherell said...

Hey Celeste that piece with altered photos, trees, wood shingled building, windows, yellow heart, and white... that was mine! And now you gave me a great idea, because I felt like it really needed something more. I thought it was a little monochromatic. I'm going to add maybe some word or words and some more paint like stencilled on, but not too much. THANKS!!!

Meri said...

I worked on that collaged paper towel piece from Traci Bautista's class when I got home. Found that the white pens don't show up very well if you've applied the watercolored paper towels with gel. The lines are too fine. So more experimentation is in order.