Saturday, April 21, 2007

love and respect

love this:

one of the reasons i love my church community - i could see anyone of them participating in this video. (except for that very last image on the video, which i almost didn't even comment about to taint you, but, i think it was unnecessary).

so. i'll have to do a 100 things sometime (always the first thing i click on someone's blog if they have it - so read through to see what we have in common). anyone know how to post a clickable link for this on blogger? maybe it's time to move to typepad or wordpress....anyone wanna weigh in on the relative greatness of either?

lord prepare me
to be a sanctuary
pure & holy
tried & true
for you
with thanksgiving
i'll be a living
for you.

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Wende said...

Hi Celeste,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! I sent you email with answers to your questions. :D

Blessings on your journey (you have a lovely blog here!)