Sunday, April 08, 2007

Artfest 5: vendor night

the only other time i've experienced any shopping experience like this, when we went early to a huge church bazaar when we first moved here and needed lots of things we heard they'd have: washing machine and dryer, storage for the garage, couch, and other miscellaneous things. the crowds at ArtFest, remarkable. what a rush. this photo with the cool branch in the middle left is during shopping, right after i took this shot i needed to remove myself from the chaos and sit out for a bit. amazing, right? i did buy some excellent supplies: stamps, one of those cool white writing pens, and some great beads. very tempted by lots of other things. beautiful work here.

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Raine K said...

I could only stay a little while also - too many people - too much craziness. I bought a Karen Michel print and some jewelry-type supplies.