Friday, April 06, 2007

ArtFest Part 3: My classes 2007

This first image is from Show & Tell. Mine is the little book in the back right hand corner. Below that is a photo of the first half of my book as I get ready to coptic bind it. It takes two needles for this method. Pam Sussman was great at doing this demo very slowly for all of the full class to be ready for the next step. This is not my best way of learning, so I will have to watch a demo of this again to be able to stitch up this book again. I do love my book! I love the double opening of it. I didn't want a "london" and "paris" book. Mine is "magic" and "imagine", full of childhood imagery and current artist wonders.

love Pam's apron. I have been stewing on an apron idea myself. lots of pockets and loops and full body coverage (I can be pretty messy, as my current paint filled sweatpants can attest).

isn't this the most beautifully presented class kit you've ever seen?

attentive Plaster Architecture students. See the bird in the back right hand corner, the finished piece is below in the photos. I *love* the smooth black finish. I am inspired to try to get that rich a black. In the upper left hand corner is the beginnings of the umbrella on the radio photographed below at Show & Tell. I just took pictures of my pieces, and after cropping and resizing 285 photos, I just don't have the energy left to download the new photos yet...I'll have them on flickr sometime soon.

Stephanie Lee. Isn't the texture great. The main reason I took the class. My gesso texture has not been enough lately. I'm going to town with this new medium. And don't you just *need* those red eggs! (I'm guessing they are ceramic, I've gotta try for that colour and gloss somehow though! I just love them).

Patricia Seggebruch's class samples (though I believe she said the biggest piece in the middle on top is Stephanie Lee's class piece, she traded for when Stephanie made it in her class on Friday!) The bottom three pieces are Encaustic monoprints! So need to experiment with that! I love the little 4x4's and the framing ideas too.

These three photos are my pieces from class. Gonna be making *a*lot*more* of these little formica tile pieces. They started out as my trades for ArtFest (I have some shots of all that great stuff in a later post too).
The bigger bird piece isn't done yet.

The blue and green tree piece needs a lot more work until its complete. I do *love the green and yellow at the bottom of it though. I also love the coffee nest piece.

Triptych of my grandmother. 'Share' it says. And share she did. The great stories of her life - wagon train rides and family legends, a master storyteller she. The foundation of my art is, I believe, the summer days and nights spent creating in her Wisconsin home. resin paperweights, knitting, crocheting, macrame, cross-stitch, crewel, name a project we probably tackled it. Oh, first time with ShrinkyDinks was here too I think. Mom? There is (I hope) a factory craft outlet within roadtrip distance from Wausau where we went every summer to load up on projects that appealed. And then we'd make stuff. Fond memories.

All of my classes were *fabulous*, the instructors very well organized, very accomplished artists and quite gifted as workshop leaders. The artist students in the classes were equally inspiring. Some classes I didn't see as much of other students work, next year, I'll be sure to pay more attention to what others are doing too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I have not yet attended an artfest- but I so want to!
Your stories are great.
thanks, maureen

dogfaeriex5 said...

i am sorry also!! that we didnt meet but i have some of my birdie pins left if you would like one, please email classwork is awesome and i like you had a super wonderful time of my life! cannot wait until next year..

Raine K said...

I'm interested in trading - I have lots of trades left - I am NOT good at going up to strangers. You can check out my blog to see the trades I made - I have ATCs and large altered shipping tags. I took Patricia's Embedded Encaustic class on Thursday and fell in love with the medium. Some friends and I are talking to Patricia to get her down to Albuquerque to teach a class.