Friday, April 06, 2007

ArtFest 4: Trades

a great big thank you to all of the artists that are represented in these photos. i had heard about the trading frenzy. i have to say, this is an apt phrase. wild. i brought 112 little pieces of art/atcs and still have about 30 left. i also brought 50 charms, those charms were all gone by friday night. in the beginning i actually tried to put all the charms i was trading on the sweet little charm bracelet that nanci drew gave me. i tried to show the charms i did attach by spreading them out. there are also charms sprinkled around on the table.

another quarter table close-up. the items that are in baggies, came that way. *whole* baggies of goodies! this is so representative of the grace and beauty of ArtFest! generous, gentle artists.
table close-up third quadrant. this section has the aforementioned charm bracelet partially started.

full view of the table full of treats. below are two pictures of the baggies of trades I made and brought.
112 little art trades
50 charms

the wall of donated trades for the raffle. the money for the raffle goes to the kitchen staff (who were great). very blurry shot. sorry.
Kristie won! and doesn't she look happy? such treasures in there. published books, charms, goodie bags of paper, trims and other gorgeous things. and another pink ArtFest tote.

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