Monday, April 02, 2007

ArtFest is a must experience, part 1 of 10

i'm back!
what a fabulous time.
i haven't uploaded any of my photos yet. but will later.
in the meantime, i'll say...I am definitely going back to ArtFest next year.
I had three *gifted* artist instructors (Pam Sussman, Stephanie Lee and Patricia Seggebruch).
The location is superb, water, greenery, rustic setting.
Camp like. Stayed up as late as I could every night (though I am still fighting this virus, and I'm sure that didn't help, but *hey* I *needed* to experience this fully, there's always time to recover later!)
Met *wonderful* artist friends. I'll edit this later to link us all up.
Gotta go back to resting.
Unrelated to artfest, check out this adorable video clip! I promise you'll smile.


Sarah said...

hey roomie! glad you made it home safe...looking forward to seeing you next year. btw, i checked out your etsy and was looking around. you know moxie (the needle felting chick) she shows at the booth next to mine every month at i heart rummage in seattle...small world :)

kelly rae said...

wowzers. what fantastic photos you have over here of what was a wonderful, inspiring experience for all of us!