Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ArtFest Bound. 112 Mini Collages. 50 Charms!

i took a few photos of my trades before putting them all in their individual baggies. some of my learning about the camera backfired a bit, lost the photos. 112 of these mini collages (double sided). 50 charms too.

getting more and more privacy! and soon the grapevine globes will look great at night again too.

i wish i was driving to artfest. i want to bring so many things with me. so many photos to copy, so many papers, so much paint. since i was wicked sick, i didn't have the organizational skills functioning well...so i didn't ship anything and i'm afraid i might get my artist paints taken from me at the airport, so i'm bringing just a few of those, and more bottles of craft paint. a big part of artfest is process, right? i don't have to produce this week, right? it's about exploring and playing. when i return to my studio, i can play with the "big" paints. i mean $6 a tube, i don't want to lose those. next year, i'm really hoping to drive with papers, paints, a box of wine...

the camera learning is coming a little slowly too. gonna spend some time on the plane reading a little more about it's tremendous specialities.


Cordelia's Mother said...

Have a wonderful time at the art fest! It's hard to believe you make all this art and do other things too!

cordeliaknits said...

Hello from Germany! I hope you are having a great time at Artfest! I can't wait to trade vacation pictures with you.

Eva and Jasmin say ''Hallo'' too, and they say they want you to write more about your life, so they can keep up with you!