Thursday, March 22, 2007

anyone else anxious about artfest?

i could watch these leaves grow, they are bursting forth so quickly.

yes. i am going to artfest. i'm excited and terrified (it's my first, *much* anticipated time). i'm busily making swaps. should i post images before i go?


Sara said...

Felicia is talking to C right now, so I thought I'd check back at StoneSoupArt... And to my surprise lots of new posts! Great photos of the back yard and some neat collages too. Thanks for brightening up your corner of the world (and mine too). Hugs, Sara

jan said...

yes, post them on the yahoo artfest group site. can't wait but glad i have the weekend to finish my trades. i'm driving up on tuesday-jan, dorm 202 room 15