Friday, March 09, 2007

for the love of toe up

I just love this pendant! I love the old advertisements, and of course - I love my coffee. C gave me a espresso tamper for Christmas and it makes a remarkable difference in the espresso...the pressed in finely ground espresso makes the water drip through slower, making a homemade latte so much the better.
Mom gifted me with this swift. My mom is a weaver. When our family began the process of designing the home to go on the acreage my parents bought in Oregon, my mom planned for her very own weaving studio. I remember being so excited for her to have this glorious space all her own. it was an alcove really, but it was all hers, and it had built in cubbyholes for all of her yarns, and was big enough (just) for her floor loom and sewing cabinet and an inkle loom. And two other things I loved about my mom's studio - 1. it was right outside of my room 2. it was also the place for the laundry shoot. We all thought the laundry shoot was one of the coolest things. That was a great house! The kitchen! walk in pantry with a flour bin, the island with JennAir grill, the appliance cupboards, the cookbook nook, and the views! Of course, mom's current house is great too...still wonderful views, the best spot for the 4th of July fireworks, and much more town convenient, but still country feeling. *anyway* the swift is from her studio...anytime you need it back mom, i'll send on back to you!

results of our last hand dyeing day. (this is everyone's, the next shot is of just mine).

collage a day images. this series are really mixed media more than collage I suppose. still daily though.

since i still haven't opened up my new sewing machine, i thought i'd draw and paint my plushies.

two of my favorites - cat and bird. we need to get a cat someday.

love the textured background - crumpled wax paper (saved from cereal boxes) onto wet acrylic paint, press with something heavy - any random things nearby in the studio. lift off the next day.

personally, i like the sketch better than the painted second version.
had to come back to edit. these last two images have come about since I started really trying to wear my glasses again. Every day, just a little bit more.
the new knitty is out! so far the tahoe sweater is my most likely to knit item. i was shocked to see that all of the sock patterns were top down! what! the knitting world doesn't revolve around me - everyone isn't thrilled and compelled to only knit toe up?


Emmie said...

wow!!what a cool pendant!!Loved that!!Emmie

cordeliaknits said...

finally, a new post with fun pictures!

I hope for your sake that your mom doesn't want her swift back. I can't believe I ever lived without mine!

Anonymous said...

I like the owl picture. I have collected owls in a desultory manner for many years. Wol is my Winnie the Pooh alter ego.
Cordelia's Mother

karrie said...

That is just the kind of swift I have been looking for! would you be willing to share the name of the manufacturer, or where your Mom might have bought it?