Sunday, February 25, 2007

dreamy rainy cloudy days....

red tail hawk?
sharing space with a beautiful white crane.

another of the collages, it had been misfiled in the system.

just had my 100th post! realized as I went to add yet more images. thought that maybe that post had more than enough, so will create a brand new post....

has been raining and raining here. this morning it was coming down so hard, with such a beautiful wave sound that I got up from the studio table to watch the rain pour sideways through our backyard, watching all the buds - on the fig tree, on the rose bushes, on the plum tree (should have pruned the lemon? tree earlier this season, it's a tad overgrown). I *love* the rain. Yesterday we went for a walk along the beach and timed it perfectly. I felt tiny drops of rain on my toes as we were three blocks from the car. We got all situated in the car and it began to drop bucketfuls on us. We both love a rainy day at the's quiet and the colours are so dreamy. (actually the only days we don't like the beach is when it's full of people and their unmanaged off-leash dogs.)

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