Friday, February 16, 2007

catching up

Moss Beach. We went exploring for a few hours yesterday. Beautifully sunny, a little windy, but that's why we love hoodies, right? Tied my hair back and put the hoody up and all was good for the tidepool hunt. I don't think these photos begin to capture the amazing colours out there. The purple, orange and both starfish, the deep purple sea urchin, the pinks and greens in the rocks. Gorgeous, we were constantly saying, 'hey, come look at this!' Great day! And we stopped at Barbara's Fish Trap for lunch too! Great clam chowder and ocean view - love it there.

Catching up on a few of the previous collages.

orange cones up around these napping seals. so cute, they waved, we waved, a little communication going on.

lots happening here. been creating up a storm, many projects going at once (ahem, that's nothing new as my friends and family will attest).
finished the blue and green socks.
started another pair of toe up elfin socks with another of my hand-dyed yarns and -oh-my-goodness- i *heart* this colourway!
making new pendants and pocket tokens and taking photos to post at my shop.
took a few packages to the post office and stopped by TJ's on my way home.
Great here. Hope you are having a great day too!

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Anonymous said...

glad you were finally able to get to the beach. Love the tidepool pictures, what beauty to behold,lucky you. Socks look great!